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Merchant or Artist?

February 11th, 2022

Merchant or Artist?

I am a professional photographer. Began in the film days shooting portraits and weddings. It was a business. I was paid for producing results.
Today I make part of my living on the arts and crafts show circuit. I am paid when shoppers see something they want for their home or office. I sell photos as my product which in turn provides a service for them by fulfilling a decor need.
Am I an artist? I don't think of myself that way.
I am a merchant who provides a service to the public with my photography as the product.
I am often asked to speak to various groups on my photography. They usually want to know what drives me to create, where do I gain my inspiration?
My drive and inspiration comes from the need to make an income to sustain myself and keep my bills paid.
Maybe someday if I no longer need to sell my photos to make a living, then I be an artist and create my work for pleasure. For now, I am a merchant.

My Photography Trek

December 18th, 2016

Photography and text.